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Stop the Madness - Its Time to Abandon LDL Targets 01/24/2012

ALTITUDE Study - Aliskiren Use? 01/20/2012

The Surgeon General’s Report – A Strong Endorsement For Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Practice 01/17/2012

Nebivolol For Heart Failure — Compelling Evidence Or A Me Too Trial? 01/03/2012

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Guidelines You Can Trust 12/16/2011

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We now have clinical trials with 4 oral anticoagulants for stroke prevention in a-fib. Which will become the standard of care? 11/11/2011

Is Bedtime Better? 10/20/2011

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Statins To Reduce CV Risk In Patients With CKD – Do We Have A SHARPer Indication For Treatment? 09/29/2011

Commentary Kidney Disease, Lipids, Patient Mgmt
Will Rivaroxaban ROCKET Into The Atrial Fibrillation World?... Or Sputter Out? 09/08/2011

Commentary Anticoagulation
AIM-HIGH - Case Study 1 08/08/2011

Case Study Lipids
AIM-HIGH - Case Study 2 08/08/2011

Case Study Lipids
Vermont has become the 1st state to enact SINGLE PAYER healthcare legislation. Should the US adopt a SINGLE PAYER system too? 07/26/2011

Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Practice Board Certification - Application Deadline August 1, 2011 07/26/2011

Should simvastatin be removed from the market? 06/17/2011

Patients taking bisphosphonate therapy for osteoporosis should take a drug holiday (e.g. two years off therapy) every: 05/17/2011

COPD And CHF 05/11/2011

Are We Underestimating Stroke Risk With CHADS2? 05/10/2011

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Blood Pressure Control And Diabetes: What Should Our Goal Be ACCORDing To The Evidence? 05/03/2011

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Can Storytelling Improve Blood Pressure Control? 04/26/2011

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Should We Be EMPHASIzing Eplerenone In Systolic Heart Failure? 03/16/2011

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Should the thiazolidenediones be removed from the market? 02/27/2011

Is It Time To ACCELERATE Or Slow Down? 02/27/2011

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Antibiotic Breakpoints 02/07/2011

Should We Turn To Tiotropium? 01/13/2011

Commentary Asthma
Much Ado About Nothing? Clopidogrel + Omperazole Interaction 12/07/2010

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