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What is Your GUT Really Telling You? 02/26/2014

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The Top 10 Things Every Clinician Should Know About the 2013 Obesity Guidelines 02/05/2014

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What Makes High IMPACT Interprofessional Teams Effective? 12/18/2013

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Revisiting the Polypill: Does it Improve Adherence and Reduce Cardiovascular Risk? 12/06/2013

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Ten Things You Should Do To Prepare for the BCACP Exam 12/06/2013

How will the 2013 ACC/AHA Lipid Guidelines Impact Practice? 11/26/2013

Ten Things Every Clinician Should Know About the 2013 ACC/AHA Lipid Guidelines 11/24/2013

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Can We STOP Heart Failure? Using a Screening BNP to Guide Care 09/29/2013

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If there could be only one covered benefit with no copay to obese patients (BMI>30), which you favor? 09/15/2013

Looking AHEAD to Less Diet and Exercise for Patients with Diabetes? 09/14/2013

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AMA Resolution 218 – Misguided and Misinformed Public Policy 09/14/2013

What's Happening With The Cardiovascular Guidelines? Will They Ever See The Light Of Day? 07/24/2013

Should Cockcroft-Gault Take A Hike? 06/21/2013

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Can A Vitamin A Day Keep Cancer Away? 06/14/2013

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Should Chlorthalidone Be The Preferred Thiazide Diuretic For The Treatment Of Hypertension? 05/29/2013

Is Zidovudine Enough? 05/23/2013

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Aspirin To Prevent Recurrent VTE? Too Little, Too Late? 03/12/2013

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When Should Vitamin D Supplements Be Recommended Or Prescribed? 02/18/2013

Β-Blockers And Hypertension: Where Are The Data? 12/20/2012

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Is there a role for combination lipid lowering therapy (e.g. add-on agent to a statin)? 09/30/2012

Will Insulin Be The Death Of Our Patients? 09/30/2012

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Another Bust For Omega-3 Fatty Acids – It’s Time To Go Fishing Elsewhere 09/30/2012

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Will the combination product Osymia (phentermine and topiramate) have a major impact on obesity management? 08/17/2012