May 19, 2017

A recent study evaluated the use of fish oil (EPA/DHA) supplementation during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy to prevent the development of wheezing and asthma in children.  Does it work?  Who should receive fish oil supplementation during pregnancy?  Watch this vidcast and find out!


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Sep 20, 2015

To treat acute asthma exacerbations in children, how about a single dose of dexamethasone and your done!  Sounds simple, easy, and convenient.  But is it too good to be true?

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Mar 9, 2015

Can deploying trained laypeople working directly with low income adults with asthma in the community improve outcomes?

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Feb 18, 2013

The PrimoTinA - asthma studies are two replicate double-blind clinical trials examining the benefits of adding inhaled  tiotropium to standard asthma therapies in patients who have not achieved optimal control.  Our moderator and panelists explore the findings of this study and how this new information should be applied to practice.

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Jan 13, 2011

Step one, short-acting beta agonists (SABA) as needed.  Step two: low dose inhaled corticosteroids (ICS).

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